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The company BOSIO ALFREDO Costruzioni Meccaniche is specialized in the design, engineering and construction of machines and equipment for assembling filters and test benches for checking them.

It is an experienced and dynamic partner that among its finest merits features versatility, customer dedication and the high quality level of its products.

Established in the seventies, BOSIO ALFREDO Costruzioni Meccaniche has to date built over 500 machines that have joined the filter production lines of the most important companies in the sector both in Italy and in the rest of the world. The main supply sectors are:

- Automotive filters
- Industrial filters
- Oil hydraulic filters
- Air filters
- Hydraulic filters

All the products, assembled with parts skilfully made in our factory and with top quality trade components, strictly conform to the severe safety standards of the markets where they are sold and they are equipped with the necessary technical documentation.

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